Engineer learning notes


Hi, I’m Jorge Tovar, a software engineer who loves automating things and creating products that make people’s life easier.

This is iteration 0 of the notes, and some of the good resources, that I’ve found through my career to sharpen my skills.


I would like to share my thoughts and notes on the areas that I’m more interested in at this time of my life regarding engineering, wealth, and learning.

I believe this could be useful for you and probably inspire you to create something similar :)

Learning is an essential skill in the era of information, you have to choose your skills wisely, dedicate time to learning, and make learning a part of your job.

to prioritize what topics to study I have found the Technology Radar amazing. It keeps me humble and hungry.

To get a better result in your study you have to:

  • Study
  • Build
  • Share

Share is what motivates me to write my notes in this repository. Thanks to Yevgeniy and his books and blog posts. Insightful with a lot of good ideas and takeaways.

Lastly, Reading books is part of the process to get better when you are a maker, like almost all Software Developers, writing and taking notes helps you to organize your thoughts.







This is a personal space (Not new summaries). I would love your feedback!

If you have any suggestions please open a pull request.